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During the past 18 years, we have completed a wide variety of projects. We excel in complex designs, managing dificult building sites and time constrained projects.

Kukio Makai
Makena Oceanfront
Wailea Highlands I
Makena Papaanui
Wailea Highlands XIX
Keawakapu Beach III
Wailea Golf Estates XLII
Wailea Oceanfront
Keawakapu Beach I
Keawakapu Beach II
Wailea Golf Estates XXVI
Lanikeha XXXIII
Wailea Golf Vistas XVIII
Lanikeha XXII
Wailea Golf Estates XLIII
Wailea Highlands XII
Wailea Highlands IV
Wailea Highlands XXI
Wailea Highlands XIV
Wailea Golf Vistas XLII
Wailea Highlands IX&X
Wailea Golf Estates LV
Wailea Kialoa XXII
Renovations & Remodels
Manele Bay Terraces
Makena Beach
Halekuai Commercial
Wailea GV9
Makena Ocean Estate
Keawakapu IV
Ridge VIII
Ridge I